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What materials are FASAKA kitchen utensils made of?

How do I maintain the sharpness of my FASAKA kitchen knives?


Can FASAKA customize kitchen utensils for my business?

Does FASAKA offer OEM or OBM services?


How does the customization process work at FASAKA?

Can FASAKA help me create a completely new type of kitchen utensil for my brand?

Is FASAKA environmentally conscious in its production of kitchen utensils?


What kind of customer support does FASAKA offer after the product delivery?

Does FASAKA offer any warranty on customized kitchen utensils?

How does FASAKA ensure the quality of the customized kitchen utensils?

Can I order samples of customized kitchen utensils before placing a bulk order?


What payment methods does FASAKA accept?

Are there any additional charges for customized orders?


What are the shipping options offered by FASAKA?

Can FASAKA ship to multiple locations for a single order?

How does FASAKA handle international customs and duties?

Can I track my order once it has been shipped?